Local authorities are under pressure. You’re grappling with severe budgets cuts, making it harder to keep vital services going.

You’re also being given new powers, which means you’re doing even more to support local communities. And on top of all this, you’ve got to work within a system of internal and external relationships that’s getting more complicated every day.

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We work with 50% of the local government sector, so our experience is hard to beat. We’ve helped lots of local authorities do more for less in challenging times. You can tap into our knowledge to help you make better decisions for your local authority. You can also draw on lots of advisory services to relieve the pressure and improve your results. We’ve built these services especially for local government, so you get something that’s practical and commercial - from developing your culture to managing risk and reward.

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Public sector innovation

The public sector is creating innovative solutions in response to increasing financial pressure and performance expectations. These solutions are often unique, being based on a local authority’s understanding of their locality and the choice of model that will provide the best outcome for their communities. More...

Building vibrant places

As local authorities tackle the twin objectives of economic growth and public service reform, an in-depth understanding of the unique characteristics and patterns of need within individual places – and therefore the solutions required – must be at the heart of local public service strategy. More...