Building innovation into your investment business model

As you face a complex future of digital transformation, changing consumer habits and squeezed profit margins, you need to embrace innovation and Big Data to boost efficiency and streamline your customers' experience.

Your challenge now is to deliver the strategic improvements investment management firms to navigate the changing environment and achieve long-term success. That's where we come in.

  • Navigating changing regulation
    Navigating changing regulation
    We can help you navigate a complex and changing regulatory landscape, from ESG and climate risk to tax law.
  • Transforming your business
    Transforming your business
    The latest technology doesn't need to be scary. We can help you streamline and digitise your customer experience.
  • Saving you money
    Saving you money
    As your margins erode, it can feel like you're forever cutting corners. We can show you how to maximise profits.

Sector coverage

We will work with you on every aspect of your investment management business: the drivers, dynamics, architecture and ways to achieve commercial success. We’re here to help you through these challenging times.

UK regulatory handbook 2022

An essential guide to the regulatory landscape for financial services

How we help our clients with this

Our depth of experience and extensive knowledge has been accumulated through working with asset managers on global projects. We’re helping the industry through the significant challenges it faces and the many opportunities that lie ahead.

Our expertise and industry knowledge sits across assurance, tax and advisory services. We have assisted firms with the largest regulatory change projects and continue to act as trusted advisers to assist firms with compliance across their business operations.

Our key services:

David Morrey
Partner, Head of Investment Management, FSG
David Morrey
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David Morrey
Partner, Head of Investment Management, FSG
David Morrey

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