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Payroll solutions

Let our payroll solutions team deal with payroll compliance so you can concentrate on your core business.

The demand for payroll business solutions continues to grow rapidly, as more and more businesses, of all sizes, realise the benefits to be reaped when their payroll administration is managed by experienced professionals.

We pride ourselves on accuracy, and have established strict review procedures, in conjunction with HMRC-accredited payroll software, to meet this objective.

How confident are you that your payroll processes are efficient, compliant and you have effective controls in place?

Lifting the burden: Outsourced payroll

Unlike many bureaux, our team don’t just crunch the numbers, but also interrogate them and proactively look out for areas of employment taxes risk, e.g. termination payments, NMW, etc.

Our distinctive methodology is based on the following core pillars:

  • Secure, accurate, timely and reliable calculations, payments and output
  • Meeting HMRC and The Pensions Regulator obligations and deadlines
  • Responsive and pro-active client service

We achieve this using a variety of tools, such as our mutually agreed processing calendar, robust software, proactive questioning of your payroll data and our internal review process.

We work in partnership with you to meet your obligations and pay your employees accurately and on time, every time.

We are a cut above other providers because our solution consists of:

  • dedicated primary and secondary contacts
  • pro-active verification and reviews
  • payroll and employment tax specialists working closely together
  • clear SLA
  • ICAEW regulated and BACS approved Bureau
  • legislation updates
  • access to our wider firm
  • brand reputation.



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