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Delivering high quality payrolls, in a timely manner, with robust quality controls and customer service is at the heart of everything I do.

I've been working in payroll for over 25 years – leading my own teams for most of that time. My focus is on optimising the structure and organisational layout across the team to ensure we can deliver the highest-quality payrolls and generally excellent service. I've led several key projects over the years, including implementing robust quality measures and controls and have supported on a number of mergers and acquisitions.

I'm passionate about creating a diverse, highly-skilled team up to date with continual changes to payroll legislation. I'm committed to delivering an end-to-end service, based on understanding your specific payroll needs, and ensuring that our team are always focused on quality, risk management, and attention to detail.

Outside of work, a household with three dogs, and a young granddaughter living nearby keep me busy. 

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Claire Snooks
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Claire Snooks
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