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Finance transformation

As finance institutions struggle to protect margins and re-focus growth strategies on innovation to compete in the digital era, finance’s mandate is growing.

Increasingly, they must drive revenue and margin growth through improved analytics within the constraints of restricted budgets and legacy infrastructures. Firms are looking to evolve the role and capabilities of finance functions; transitioning from reactionary, transaction-orientated functions to enabling and strategic partners to the business.

Technology-enabled transformation of the operating model, allowing finance to lead strategic decision-making

Our offering draws on our expert knowledge, experience and industry benchmarks to identify areas in which finance functions can deliver significant enhancements, through the optimisation of people, process and technology enablers. We deliver near- and long-term benefit through:

  • Enhancing reporting processes– addressing inconsistent data sources and legacy systems to accelerate and improve the reporting cycle
  • Optimising operations– simplifying organisational structures to improve accountability and transparency, rationalise platforms and automate labour-intensive processes
  • Positioning finance as a strategic business partner – enable finance to play an increasingly influential role in strategic decision-making

We can assist you with all aspects of your finance function change programmes and offer a range of resourcing options to support your day-to-day finance operations, with services defined around five discrete, but complementary components:

1 Target operating model – we adopt a flexible approach to appraise and design a refined and future-fit finance operating model

2 Reporting – we use tried-and-tested methodologies and data analytics to address flaws in reporting processes and legacy systems and data challenges

3 People, culture and change – we offer management-and-culture alignment services, operational structure advice as well as talent and capabilities advice

4 Process – we use process-improvement methodologies to redesign and optimise existing processes to standardise and, where appropriate, automate

5 Technology – we rationalise finance applications and legacy systems, and advise on the implementation of technology solutions


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