Putting reliable, agile forecasts in place empowers decision making on investments, pricing, overheads and other cash matters, while improving working capital performance helps free up cash.

In times of ongoing uncertainty, managing your working capital better can free up vital cash to repay debt, invest in the business, or keep for a rainy day. At the same time, having a degree of confidence in your financial performance and cash position forecasts is key – and something your board and auditor will be looking for.

Both can be challenging to achieve. That’s where our specialists come in, helping to optimise your working capital cycle and improve the reliability of your forecasts.

  • Pragmatic insights
  • Understanding your stakeholders
  • Delivering great outcomes
  • Pragmatic insights
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    Our years of consulting and industry experience provide you with the practical solutions you need to achieve your goals.
  • Understanding your stakeholders
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    We recognise the different drivers for different groups, such as your funders, suppliers, Board, and staff.
  • Delivering great outcomes
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    We work collaboratively with clients to embed knowledge, skills, and tools within the business.
Simon Davidson
Head of Finance Consulting, Grant Thornton
Simon Davidson

Why Grant Thornton

We provide the right blend of consulting and industry experience to design pragmatic solutions for your business – often acting as an extension of your existing team.

For cash-flow forecasting and working capital optimisation, you may need a mix of practical consulting, accounting knowledge, modelling skills, process improvement expertise, data analytics, sector expertise, and experience of real-life industry scenarios.

Whatever your goals, we always put our best minds to work on your brief.

Improved cash flow forecasting for a UK services group

The challenge
Facing disruption in its sector, our client wanted to make pricing and capital investment decisions on a no-regrets basis with more confidence about its future cash position.
The solution
A simpler forecasting process, removing siloed spreadsheets and embedding an automated model with more realistic assumptions and stronger communications between inputting parties.
The results
A more reliable, efficient and agile process for cash forecasting that gives the board and external stakeholders the confidence to make key decisions that materially impact cash.