You have an emotional investment in the value of your company - so you need expert valuations that deliver the quality you need to fulfil contractual or regulatory obligations, and defend your position.

Why Grant Thornton

We're often appointed as independent experts to determine a value or an advisor to one of the parties in an expert determination.

We source our input from our own sector and technical specialists, to deliver solutions tailored to the specific facts and circumstances of your valuation requirement. And leverage our international network of 750 valuers to provide local expertise on a global scale.

We work closely with you and your other advisers to align our work with your objectives and avoid surprises. This is how we can help you:

  • Articles or shareholders’ agreements
  • S.593 opinions
  • Expert determinations
  • Independent valuation expert/expert witness
  • Less formal independent broker roles

Expert determination of a non-embarrassment clause

The challenge
An expert valuation was required to determine the financial outcome of a non-embarrassment clause in a sale and purchase agreement.
The solution
We established formal rules of engagement on the valuation analysis and ensured both parties made their cases.
The result
A well-reasoned opinion enabled the parties to settle the dispute.

S593 opinion for a public company

The challenge
A newly-formed listed company needed an S.593 opinion before issuing shares in exchange for minority holdings.
The solution
We analysed the assets to be acquired using a range of valuation techniques on a tight timetable.
The result
An expert opinion enabled issue of the shares.

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