An efficient and effective control environment is essential for good governance, and regulatory compliance, promoting confidence and enabling decision-making.

Taking a collaborative approach, we help you assess and strengthen your controls, utilising the opportunities that increased focus on Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR) offers to enhance confidence and performance, and increase the efficiency of your internal controls.

We provide expertise, leverage technology and enable automation to drive the continued development of your control environment.

  • Expert-led
  • Value adding
  • Collaborative and scalable
  • Expert-led
    Embedded global specialists and experts who leverage tools, technology, automation and a proven approach to drive innovation and leading practice.
  • Value adding
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    Solution-focused and pragmatic, our priority is driving efficiency and value in your organisation, enabling effective decision-making.
  • Collaborative and scalable
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    Collaborating with you through your journey to enhance your control framework, leveraging support where and when you need it.

Wave: our analytics platform

Wave is our app-based, ready-to-use analytics platform that helps you generate intelligent insights to support risk management and control monitoring. It can also add value to your internal control over financial reporting (ICFR) compliance programme.

Why Grant Thornton?

You will get pragmatic, expert support that will help you embed innovation, leading practice and the latest technology. You can establish an effective control framework with confidence.

Our global capability will enable you to benefit from consistent support where and when you need it.