Understanding what drives your financial trajectory will make it easier to navigate your council through continuing uncertainty. Our financial foresight service will help you respond effectively.

Between 30% and 50% of upper-tier authorities could be at risk of financial failure by 2025 without significant further cost reduction or new income. Having a simple and evidence-based picture of your financial trajectory and scenarios is essential.

Expert support, delivered through individual and collective engagement with your top team, will help you develop your thinking on staying ahead of the challenge.

  • Foresight model
  • Scenario analysis
  • Strategy accelerator
  • Foresight model
    Foresight model
    Financial foresight includes a sophisticated visual-forecasting model built on evidence and benchmarking for every council in England.
  • Scenario analysis
    Scenario analysis
    You'll get more certainty about your place, organisation, and budget with insight generated by our scenario-modelling tool.
  • Strategy accelerator
    purple icon showing an increasing graph
    Sharpen your financial strategy and transformation plans, putting your council on course to respond to its financial trajectory.

Why Grant Thornton

You can understand your financial trajectory and plan your response with our financial-foresight tool, developed in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA).

Using its data as a starting point, your own team's insight and experience will be supplemented by our expertise, so all potential opportunities and interventions are on the table.

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What our clients have to say
Working with Grant Thornton to use the Financial Foresight tool, we were able to get straight into the heart of rich conversations about the different financial trajectories for both councils, and to agree a set of interventions to strengthen their position over the medium term. The whole process has helped us to inject pace and rigour into our financial improvement programmes.
Amanda Askham Director of Business Improvement and Development, Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council
Foresight helped our management team to get a clear and shared view of our financial trajectory and the wide range of factors that shape it. Using Foresight as a platform, our work with Grant Thornton has rapidly developed our thinking on how we meaningfully invest in the outcomes that matter to our borough and our communities.
Alison Griffin Chief Executive, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
More from our clients
Grant Thornton’s financial foresight approach helped the leadership team gain a clear and shared view of the council’s financial trajectory. The subject matter expertise of the Grant Thornton team, and the engagement and facilitation of the workshops, led to rich conversations, which allowed the leadership team to move quickly to a shared focus and gain clarity on the financial challenges, opportunities and priorities needed to update our medium-term financial strategy.
Tony Kirkham Director of Resources, Newcastle City Council