We support each stage of your dispute with multi-jurisdictional and technical sector specialists, acting as experts in litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

To give you confidence in resolving your dispute effectively, we collaborate with you to select the right specialists for your matter. Your chosen team will provide robust expertise, whether you require early-stage advice on a potential claim and strategy or support through to an independent expert witness. 

We bring heavyweight commercial, regulatory, financial and accounting capability, acting in a multitude of disputes, including civil fraud, M&A and shareholder claims. 

  • Proven capability
  • International reach
  • Industry-leading
  • Proven capability
    Proven capability
    Our professionals have been expert witnesses on claims totalling over $100 billion and have given evidence over 650 times.
  • International reach
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    We act as experts in jurisdictions all over the world, under various procedural rules.
  • Industry-leading
    Ranked Band 1 by Chambers and Partners for the provision of litigation support services.
Michael Radcliffe
Partner, Head of Disputes Advisory
Michael Radcliffe

Why Grant Thornton

Our disputes team is internationally recognised, providing you with a global outlook and diverse solutions that allow you to make confident, informed decisions on your matter. 

With a team of over 190 people in our forensic practice in the UK and over 400 globally in more than 25 countries, we have an international and local network to support you at each stage of your dispute.  

Early-stage advice

Parties can often be more focused on liability in the early stages of a dispute, but an early analysis of the likely value of a claim can help you to resolve a potential dispute more efficiently.

We will advise on evidence required to support the quantum of the claim or to defend against the approach taken by the other party. This analysis can help you to make informed choices at the outset as to how best to approach the dispute.

Consulting expert

Your Grant Thornton team will advise on the quality of evidence supporting the quantum of loss in all stages of proceedings and the impact of any new evidence arising. We can act as a 'shadow expert' if you require a party adviser to avoid compromising the independence of your appointed expert, especially where the independent expert is a single joint appointment.

Expert witness

We act as independent expert witness on quantum of loss and valuations including cases of alleged fraud, breach of contract or breach of warranty, negligence, shareholder disputes, intellectual property disputes, competition matters and insurance claims.

Our experts have given evidence and been cross-examined in hundreds of claims, appearing in the High Court, arbitrations including investor-state, regulatory tribunals and the criminal courts.

Complex valuations

You may need to value businesses or assets in support of your claim or defence. Our contentious valuation specialists have expertise in valuing complex classes of assets, including financial products, and intangible assets such as famous brands.