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With a background in dispute resolution, investigations and monitoring roles, I now lead our competition service offering providing a range of advisory services in competition related issues.

Having extensive experience in monitoring trustee roles, I have led in excess of 30 roles, in merger, anti-trust and state-aid cases reporting to regulators around the world, including multi-jurisdictional cases. 

Using this experience, I provide support to companies in setting up hold-separate structures, providing advice on how to operate most effectively during the period of the remedies and assisting entities dealing with other monitoring requirements.  With access to the depth of specialist skills and sector experience across our advisory practice, I am also able to provide Project Management support for entities dealing with large divestment remedies.

With experience in MEIP state-aid reviews and forensic litigation support and working with our economists and digital forensic teams who are able to collate, present or search large quantities of information, we can offer further solutions where competition issues arise.

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Craig Reed
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Craig Reed
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