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India in the UK: the diaspora effect 2.0

Anuj Chande OBE Anuj Chande OBE

Celebrating generations of diaspora success

The second edition of our India in the UK: the diaspora effect report dives deeper into the contribution of the diaspora in and beyond business. It looks at the prominence of diaspora Indians and a new generation of British Indians in the fields of business, arts, science, sports and politics.

The impact of the UK’s vibrant Indian diaspora isn’t confined to business. With their talent and determination, members of the diaspora have also made remarkable contributions in fields such as politics, science, and medicine, research and innovation, academia, the arts, medicine, law, and sports.

Through our intensive desk research and one-to-one interviews with Indian businessmen and women, we've explored the personal and professional attributes that have brought them such success in their respective sectors. Our analysis of the statistical data available also looks at the geographical spread of the Indian diaspora across the UK and how this is changing each year.

A growing contribution 

Indian entrepreneurship in the UK began many decades ago. Since the 1950s, Indians have come to the UK and contributed to the country’s economic development. As well as taking up significant posts in government, academia, finance, and politics, the Indian diaspora has also shown a natural flair for business, with many members setting up family businesses.

Anecdotally, this stems from inherent trading skills and the determination of immigrants to improve their lives. A possible additional explanation for this phenomenon could be the barriers to career progression that even the most successful professionals of Indian origin experienced in the UK when they arrived.

Sector focus

The report takes a deep dive into the sectors where diaspora-owned businesses are making a sizable impact in the UK. These tend to be concentrated in the following key sectors:

  • healthcare
  • food and beverage
  • hospitality and real estate
  • pharmaceuticals and life sciences
  • retail

This focus reflects the natural inclinations of the diaspora towards real estate, trading, and medicine. The report features a series of interviews with leading diaspora entrepreneurs, both those running established businesses and others breaking new ground.

Looking forward

As the UK continues to strengthen trading links around the world, there's an opportunity for the diaspora to act as a ‘living bridge’ between India and the UK. Members of the Indian community are now influential across a range of areas in British society including politics, law and the arts.

The Indian diaspora’s contribution to the UK, which has been growing since the community first put down roots in the country, looks set to become even more significant in the decades ahead.

Download the full report [ 1818 kb ] to find out more about the challenges for diaspora entrepreneurs, opportunities for Indian graduates and how British-Indians can be the UK's best ambassadors.

For further information about this report contact Anuj Chande.

Read last year's India in the UK report [ 4719 kb ] to learn more about the diaspora effect.

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