Capital Modelling Report 2024

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What are insurers and reinsurers saying about their capital modelling resources and capabilities? Read the results of our capital modelling general insurance report 2024 for full insight and guidance on how the industry is approaching modelling in the current risk environment. You can also watch our webinar recording on demand.

Our survey results show that capital models continue to evolve, adapt, and improve. They remain an indispensable tool for insurers, and the level of investment across the industry in improving capital modelling capabilities remains high.

50% of respondents believe that the level of complexity within their capital model algorithm is above average  

In our survey, we delve into the unique perspectives of insurance firms, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of their capital modelling capabilities and readiness in responding to market challenges. The report provides you with valuable insights into the current state of the insurance market and the strategies being employed to navigate the complexities within the general insurance sector. 

In addition, the survey also explores the following recent market and global developments that will undoubtedly affect modelling teams: artificial intelligence, solvency capital requirement, and economic scenario generator. 

Watch our webinar recording to catch up on our experts' analysis of these results:

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