Helping you resolve matters with HMRC when things have gone wrong

We all make mistakes. What's important is coming forward, owning up and taking responsibility. This also makes commercial sense for you, as HMRC will always charge a lower penalty for a voluntary disclosure than if they had discovered the issue themselves.

Still, this can be a daunting prospect. We can help by identifying the best way for you to make a disclosure, based on your circumstances, and supporting you through the process to minimise any follow-up questions and further penalty exposure.

  • Contractual Disclosure Facility
    Protect yourself from criminal prosecution by letting us support you through the Contractual Disclosure Facility
  • Digital disclosure service
    Voluntary disclosures can now be made online through HMRC's site. We can research and complete this on your behalf.
  • Offshore income disclosure
    While HMRC takes a hard line on undeclared income from outside the UK, coming forward can still reduce the penalty.

Why Grant Thornton

If you need to let HMRC know you’ve made an error, known as a voluntary disclosure, we can be by your side, offering you our experience and the benefit of our network of connections at HMRC.

We'll begin by looking at your situation and determining whether you need to make a disclosure. We can then confirm whether it's best for you to make a disclosure through the Contractual Disclosure Facility, use the digital disclosure service, take advantage of HMRC campaigns to offer you leniency or make a direct disclosure through one of our contacts at HMRC.

Once we've worked together to determine a plan, we'll put together your disclosure and even represent you to HMRC to minimise the tax and penalty you have to pay.

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