Get technical expertise and fresh thinking from a crypto hub comprising digital asset and blockchain specialists in asset recovery, corporate intelligence

Digital finance and assets create challenges for individuals, for businesses, their regulators and the financial institutions supporting them. Consider how a client would value, hold, transact and realise digital assets in a restructuring scenario, a tokenisation process or acquisition deal. A business will want protection from cyber risks. An early adopter may need help to address changing regulatory, tax and legislative requirements.

  • Cryptoasset recovery
    Blockchain analytics and corporate intelligence techniques to uncover crypto fraud, trace digital assets, and develop strategies for recovery.
  • Global support
    Asset recovery, including offshore investigations and insolvency appointments, across 65 jurisdictions.
  • Funding/debt acquisition
    Flexible approach to asset recovery for victims of fraud: internal funding, judgement-acquisition options, and third-party funding contacts.

Why Grant Thornton

If your clients experience hacks, ransomware attacks, fraud or insider theft where the proceeds are dissipated in cryptoassets recovery you can get guidance and technical experience on supporting them from our crypto hub, including blockchain analytics, recovery, custodianship, and digital forensics. As a founding member of the Crypto Fraud and Asset Recovery (CFAAR) network, we're connected to law firms, barristers’ chambers, asset recovery, and corporate intelligence professionals.

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