To navigate change, deliver priorities, and make investment decisions in the public sector, you need to know the strategic context, what your options are, and the benefits and costs.

Delivery of effective public services requires leaders to make good decisions. You need to balance evidence and analysis with political, stakeholder, and community objectives. These decisions are made in the context of limited resources so you need to be confident they're the right ones. 

We work with clients across the public sector policy cycle to help make better decisions: from building the rationale for intervention, to making the case for investment, to feeding back lessons learnt.

  • Making the case
    Making the case
    Extensive experience in applying The Green Book appraisal methodology to create robust cases for investment.
  • Place-based recovery
    Place-based recovery
    For interventions and investments to be successful we understand that they have to be tailored to local economies and markets.
  • Data-led decisions
    Data-led decisions
    Effective decision making is underpinned by robust data – we know the sources and metrics that can best support you.

Why Grant Thornton

Our people are friendly, creative, and collaborative, and will work alongside your team to get to grips with the scale and nature of a particular challenge. We’ll appraise the benefits, costs, and risks of different solutions, as well as assess the impact of previous decisions.

Our strong understanding of data, experience in the application of government methodologies and deep public sector expertise will guide you to make robust, evidence-based decisions. 

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