Digital transformation presents huge opportunities but can also challenge your culture, organisational structures and how you measure success.

Embedding digital capabilities into your business is a must in today’s business environment – helping you become lean, agile and digitally savvy. 

Support needs to be holistic and strategic. That’s why we’ve built digital transformation around these six areas:

  • Digital business strategy and operations
  • Customer experience
  • Product development
  • Platform strategy and architecture
  • Digital enterprise
  • Ideation and innovation

Integrating solutions here will help deliver change that works for you.

  • Digital health check
  • Unlock your potential
  • Digital transformation expertise
  • Digital health check
    Digital health check
    Benchmark where you're at, assess the business case and identify real opportunities that will drive your business forward.
  • Unlock your potential
    Unlock your potential
    We'll help you integrate digital solutions as part of a compelling digital plan, roadmap and delivery capability.
  • Digital transformation expertise
    purple icon depicting a team of people
    We've delivered successful digital transformation programmes across private and public sector environments – for UK and international clients.
Richard Joyce
Director, Head of Technology Advisory
Richard Joyce

Why Grant Thornton

Clients often say that working with us is a different experience. We’re highly collaborative and often work as an extension of your team. We’re able to play hands-on roles at each level of your organisation, working alongside senior management or functional teams, to give you the confidence to make challenging decisions. 

A sharp focus on creating value is also what sets us apart. We genuinely care about helping you to unlock opportunities and deliver on your strategic digital ambitions.

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What's the process?

From start to finish, we assist and guide you through your digital transformation. Working together, we identify:

  • your strategic digital goals and opportunities
  • what investment and resources you need
  • the business case and benefits appraisal
  • what business processes change is needed to leverage the digital benefits
  • what technology environment, systems and data architecture you need to meet your goals.

We then apply the skills and resource that can drive your digital agenda forward, and execute the business transformation or evolution.

Digital health check

A digital health check shows where your business or organisation is at versus a peer group of organisations. Taking examples from leading digital sectors can also drive your benefits appraisal and identify real opportunities.

Barriers to your digital agenda

Organisational change processes to adopt and execute the digital plans require support to make happen. We understand current perceived barriers to digital agenda success. Legacy tools and systems are the most common challenge. Limited time, skills and resources, and existing inefficient operational processes must also be overcome.

We work with you to integrate digital solutions. We understand the detail of digital and have a proven track record in transforming end-to-end business processes. We can also advise on the importance of digital in a business focused language, and support the execution of the digital transformation detail.

Range of services
  • Develop a digital strategy, based on business benefits and opportunities rather than being defined by detailed technical and IT plans
  • Qualify and 'health check' the status of your current digital operations compared with sector, market and industry benchmarks and best practice
  • Plan business process change and transformation, delivering efficiency benefits and improved customer experiences and loyalty
  • Create and control cross-border omnichannel interactions for your business, in ecommerce, web, social media and mobile platforms
  • Drive digital-based collaboration and ways of working across your organisation
  • Find ways to leverage your legacy IT and existing investments into responsive systems that will continue to adapt to the demands of your digital vision and strategy
  • Enable the sharing of data and the flow of knowledge and ideas between departments and individuals to drive new avenues of innovation and differentiation

Digital strategy for Well Pharmacy

The challenge
Digital transformation of an operating model for dispensing 30 million prescription items annually across 800 stores to include automated picking and dispatch of prescriptions.
The solution
We collaboratively planned, trialled and implemented the transformation programme, assessing digital capabilities and customer journeys, and creating a roadmap of activities.
The results
Well has now initiated the roll-out of advanced dispensing to the business, contributing a multi-million-pound uplift in EBITDA and a technology platform fit for future growth.