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With over 15 years consulting experience in operational performance improvement in the UK and Australia, I lead on social care transformation for local authorities. This involves identifying, prioritising, designing and delivering major transformation opportunities in both adult and children’s services. This means better outcomes for service users and staff whilst realising financial benefits for local authorities. I also help to develop teams to take more rigorous insight-led consulting approaches to social care transformation resulting in collaborative and sustainable solutions delivery with social care teams. 

My expertise includes:

  • delivering long term change in organisations where previous programmes and consultants have been unable to
  • detailed knowledge of multiple change and project management methodologies and what works best in different scenarios
  • and coaching internal and external teams and stakeholders on effective insight-led transformation.

I’m particularly proud of the development of a market-leading five-year forecast demand and cost model for a London borough’s learning disability service. It is currently being used as the rationale behind, and starting point of, a wider full service transformation programme.

In my personal life, I am a bit of a mad golfer. Mad in the sense that despite coaching and applying operational performance principles in my working life, I have abjectly failed to successfully apply the same principles to my golf game! 

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