Dave Munton Head of UK Markets and Clients Birmingham +44 (0)121 232 5398

I have been an audit partner since 2003, and through working with a fantastic variety of dynamic and growing businesses, I have gained considerable experience of auditing and advising clients with a particular interest across PE, automotive and support services.

I have held a number of leadership roles and was appointed to the Strategic Leadership Team in April 2018. As leader of UK markets, I have a clear focus towards growing our business, creating a great environment for our people to work in and supporting the wider Strategic Leadership Team to evolve the firm so it is fit for the future.

Outside of work, I spend as much time as I can with my family and friends, and I try to keep reasonably fit through playing squash, running and going to the gym. I am married to Karen and have three young daughters, so I am heavily outnumbered at home which gives me the perfect excuse to relax and unwind away from the day job.