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I am a partner in our insolvency and asset recovery team, which sits within our wider advisory practice. I specialise in developing and executing strategies designed to secure the recovery of distressed, delinquent, misappropriated and fraudulently obtained assets. As a licensed insolvency practitioner, I am experienced in the use of liquidations, bankruptcies and court appointed receiverships to enhance the asset tracing and recovery process.

I have represented corporates, financial institutions and hedge funds in complex high value insolvencies and enforcements. These span multiple jurisdictions and involve significant cross border elements. My practice is focused on the key onshore and offshore financial centres, including England, US, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Channel Islands, Cyprus, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Mauritius and the Seychelles.

My experience includes:

  • Enforcement of judgments, awards and confiscation orders
  • International enforcement of non-performing loans for financial institutions and subrogation claims of insurance companies
  • Contentious insolvency cases; investigating fraud, misfeasance, professional negligence and asset tracing across multiple jurisdictions
  • Providing financing solutions to fund the costs and disbursements associated with insolvency and asset recovery strategies
  • IPA (Member of the Insolvency Practitioners Association)
  • ACA
  • JIEB (Joint Insolvency Examination Board)
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Colin Diss
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Colin Diss
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