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CFO room

The CFO room – a critical thinking space

There are never enough hours in the day for a CFO...

How do you ensure that you are focused on the right items?

How do you turn a long list of competing tasks, opportunities and problems into a coherent, actionable plan?

Are you a financial director or chief financial officer who is:

  • new to the role
  • at a crossroads
  • facing a multitude of competing priorities.

FDs at all levels will benefit from this half-day workshop aimed at helping you to identify your key challenges, prioritise efforts and develop a personal roadmap. 

“CFOs are dealing with a myriad of competing demands on their time. The CFO Room helps a CFO get the headroom and challenge they need to clarify their personal path ahead.”

Simon Davidson, Director

The CFO room is a dedicated, stimulating, and interactive space for a one-to-one discussion and challenge where you will be able to work on your key strategic, financial and leadership issues and leave the session with a 180-day action plan.

Looking for some headroom?

Do you find yourself grappling with any of these questions, but never have the time to sit down and work through the solutions?

  • How do I create enough time in my own diary to achieve my personal ambitions?
  • Which of my stakeholders will help or hinder my progress?
  • How do I add most value as to my organisation as a CFO?
  • How do I ensure the finance function provides value to the business?
  • Am I spending my time on the areas that support the strategy of the business?
  • What is the capability of my finance team and where are the gaps?

The CFO room will help you define, assess and filter your priorities to focus the most important items into key initiatives to ensure that effort is aligned to the most important challenges and opportunities you are currently facing.

Watch our CFOs share their experiences of the CFO Room and how it helped them to focus on their key strategic, financial and leadership priorities.

From thinking to doing

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Define your reference points

What are the hopes, fears and legacy for your role? What do your stakeholders think? We use these questions to anchor the discussion on the day.

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Define prioritise and filter your priorities

Building on some brief pre-work, we challenge your list of priorities and the relative importance you placed upon each, help you arrange them in manageable themes, and assess your confidence in delivery for each.

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Talent and stakeholder support

We look at the team and stakeholders around you, from star performers to potential barriers, to evaluate how they play in to what you need to achieve.

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Build your initiatives and 180 day plan 

Much of the work of the day evolves in to an action plan, which we will help you craft, taking account of any constraints and key events.

What can you expect from a CFO room?

Typically, a CFO room session lasts half a day and can be run remotely using an online collaboration software or face-to-face. We also act as an independent part of the progress review process in the months following the session as you continue to drive through your action plan.

Meet the facilitation team

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Simon Davidson

Simon is a director in our finance consulting team and leads our ‘CFO room’ concept both in the UK and internationally. Simon is ACA qualified with over 18 years of advisory experience.

He works with leaders and teams to deliver finance functions that can support the needs of the wider business, including vision, strategy, target operating model and programme management.

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Alex Mumford

Alex leads our UK finance consulting team. Alex is CIMA qualified and has over 20 years of experience in both practice and industry.

He supports clients to shape and deliver finance programmes and projects focused on sustainable improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

Turn a long list of competing tasks into an actionable plan

From identifying your strategic, financial and leadership priorities and staying ahead of regulatory change, to becoming a more agile finance function and remaining compliant as the way we work changes.

Let us know your challenges and we’ll help you to find the headroom and you need to devise a coherent plan of action.