Businesses are facing
a digital skills crisis

Attracting skilled talent is a top priority for businesses
in a growing digital economy


Cultivating the digital skills
you need internally can strengthen
your people strategy

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Focusing on retention and developing a clear strategy around how this will be achieved ensures you're developing the skills and talent necessary across the organisation to remain resilient, agile, and ultimately, support the success of your business.”

Justin Rix, Head of People Advisory, Grant Thornton

dash decorative image So what's holding you back?
  Mid-market business leaders say the most challenging factors in closing these in-demand skills gaps are:

Businesses can overcome these challenges and build a future-fit workforce

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When done well, investment in skills programmes reduces the cost of acquiring digital skills and talent into the business, lowers unwanted attrition, and maximises agility and resilience through having access to a broad range of skills across the organisation. Apprenticeships offer a cost effective way to grow and nurture talent.”

Justin Rix, Head of People Advisory, Grant Thornton

Maximise your Apprenticeship Levy

Secure strategic workforce planning

Identify future digital needs and skills gaps to address.

It's important to analyse where you can improve data and digital literacy
throughout your business. Solutions will require:

Become an employer of choice to retain digital talent

The top four initiatives businesses plan to invest in:

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One way to fill critical future skills gaps is to provide clear career progression pathways and reskill those people with roles or skills no longer needed by the business. Structured development helps employees envision their career and what they need to do at each stage.”

Justin Rix, Head of People Advisory, Grant Thornton

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Justin Rix,
Head of People Advisory, Grant Thornton

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