Enhanced legislation, reputational risk, rising costs, and stakeholder pressures are forcing mobility businesses to consider alternative fuels.

Oliver Bridge, Jon Bramwell, and Mike Tillson share their experience of helping companies get the financial support to deliver it.

The mobility sector needs to prioritise the transition to alternative fuel vehicles, including battery electric vehicles (BEV), hydrogen, or locally- generated energy. To deliver this sustainable future, companies need funding. The process may seem daunting, but the opportunities are plentiful.

In addition to more traditional routes, government grants are available and you can also look at ESG-linked loans, which have more favourable margin ratchets.

A credible strategy that articulate the commercial, operational and financial risks and opportunities will accelerate investment and access better rates.

Market testing can identify strategic investors and buyers, and there's always the option of overseas investment.

In the last few years, multiple mobility businesses have come to us for guidance on securing the funding they need to realise their ambitions. This is how we helped them.

"Successfully accessing government grants requires a business plan that stands up to internal and external scrutiny. A defined and quantified business case, articulated need for funding and a commercial and operational 'story' and scalable operating model are key."

Oliver Bridge

Financing electric-vehicle provider's fleet expansion

Project EV is an industry-leading provider of electric private-hire vehicles.

The challenge

The company wanted to expand its presence in major UK and overseas cities by raising a wholesale finance facility.

The solution

Raise a wholesale finance facility to increase fleet size and expand in major cities in the UK and overseas.

The result

We tested the market across a mix of high street, international banks, and debt funds to gauge lenders' appetites – measuring their views on indicative pricing and the route towards a long term opportunity via securitisation.

"Financing your plans and accessing liquidity can be challenging, particularly as businesses are looking to scale up. Testing the market with a bespoke Funding Document is an effective way to gauge lender appetite. We speak to the whole market including less well known specialist lenders, which drives the very best terms the market has to offer and also forms the basis for a strong and supportive lender-client relationship."

Jon Bramwell

Getting buy-in for electric vehicle solutions

EB Charging is a leading UK provider of electric vehicle charging solutions

The challenge

Whilst there is huge demand from public institutions and the private sector electric vehicle charging solutions, the capital cost of laying the infrastructure is very expensive. EB Charging sought a partner that had the capital to help it rapidly install charge points and meet the market demand.

The solution

Assist the shareholders in exploring funding options (debt, private equity/venture capital funding, and corporate partners) to allow the business to capitalise on the exciting market opportunity.

The result

We approached a wide spectrum of funding partners and handled every aspect of the process: from due diligence and negotiation of legal documentation to approvals and appropriate management incentive arrangements. Ultimately we advised on the successful sale of the business to Blink Charging, who committed to funding the significant pipeline of charge point infrastructure projects, which EB Charging had tendered for and secured.

''In Blink we found the right partner for the business – they had the access to capital to fund the existing and future pipeline of EB Charging, and they were able to offer management an attractive equity package which would reward them for continued growth.”

Mike Tillson 

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