On Social Mobility Awareness Day 2023 (15 June), Karen Campbell-Williams, Head of Tax, was joined by Sarah Atkinson, CEO of the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF), for a screening of the film 'Stay Down'.

The film, produced by the Department for Opportunities in partnership with the SMF, explores the theme of social mobility in corporate culture.

Sarah introduced the screening and was afterwards joined by two of our own people: Vincent Egunlae and Karen Robb, for a conversation about the film's message and to share reflections on the steps colleagues and leaders can take to improve social mobility in their own organisations. 

You can catch up by watching the film and a recording of the conversation anytime.

Watch the recording


You can also view the film here

Content warning: Please be aware that the short film is structured as a psychological horror, as indicated by the poster art so it contains images and scenes that are emotionally challenging.


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