A leading global mining company listed on the FTSE100

The company was experiencing multiple data quality issues and lacked a unified approach to managing and resolving them. This discouraged them from building a data-driven strategy - compromising their decision-making processes. 

The challenge

Data quality problems meant that stakeholders didn’t trust reporting information. The company was struggling to deploy scalable manual solutions. This reduced the effectiveness of their analytical processes and prevented management from making data-driven decisions on cost, operational efficiencies, and sustainability objectives. Ultimately, this negatively impacted the organisation’s ability to meet its long-term strategic goals and raised its risk profile. 

How we helped

We used an AI-powered, enterprise data quality tool to identify, manage, and resolve data quality issues.

A hybrid platform-as-a-service that hosted a third-party data quality vendor tool (Ataccama) enabled us to see patterns across the data and spot anomalies. This approach also reduced the need for manual input in preparing and cleaning data.

The next step was building a pipeline to extract, transform, and report on the data quality issues.

To ensure the company could always trust the data we built an interactive dashboard to monitor quality, with event-based triggers to present the most up-to-date results information. 

The results

The company now has the capability it needs to manage its own data quality. The solution was integrated with the existing enterprise-wide data tools, minimising business disruption, and including upstream data feeds.

We also developed a target operating model to support implementation and help the company maintain the necessary security and access controls. The company now has confidence that it has the right data to support its decision-making processes: improving risk management and the quality of regulatory reports. Moving to an automated platform also reduced reliance on manual processes – helping their data team focus on new initiatives and drive innovation.

"Our clients are increasingly using data management tools to accelerate data and analytics transformation. We're playing a critical role to support them with the instrumentation and orchestration of data tools, leveraging our expertise in both the software and data management principles. Our support enabled our clients to achieve their objectives on their own timescale."

Nikhil Asthana, Managing Director, Head of Data, RegTech & Digital Advisory Practice

About our team

Our Data, RegTech and Digital (DRD) practice offer advisory, assurance and implementation support to help you make the most of your data. We work with a network of strategic ecosystem partners, to enable data capabilities for both defensive and offensive use cases. Taking a cross-sector approach, we can help with regulatory change, digital and data frameworks, and operating model/maturity assessments. Our expert approach can identify opportunities for digitalisation to help you add value to your business, and stimulate growth.