Dealing with an investigation or dispute can be stressful and costly.

You need a specialist partner to help you navigate from dispute to resolution, while managing the potential risks.

We advise on direct and indirect tax risks for individuals, as well as businesses, collaborating with specialists across the UK firm and internationally.

Whilst we always act to ensure transparency in our relationship with HMRC, we can work in partnership with existing advisers and intermediaries depending on what works best for the your case.

Whatever the challenge, you can be assured as to both the range of our expertise, and our commitment to obtaining the best possible outcome for you.

Tax penalties

The range of tax penalties that can be incurred has been significantly broadened in recent years. Penalties can be charged in a wider range of circumstances, and when changed may be punitive - sometimes well in excess of the tax itself. All UK taxes, corporate and personal, direct and indirect, carry penalty risks.

A well managed voluntary disclosure can often obtain a significantly reduced penalty, as well as being advisable in terms of how HMRC will investigate.

Where things have gone wrong, our expert advisers will be able to navigate the best approach, as to reduce penalty risk, and to rebuild trust with HMRC and reach a negotiated settlement.

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