With acute pressure on financial resources and increasing demand for services, public sector bodies are having to become more adept at using their significant asset holdings not only to lever value and raise finance for capital investment, but also as a means to achieving more efficient ways of delivering services.

The fiscal environment is placing a premium on:

  • Excellence in asset management and asset performance measurement on an organisational and sector level
  • Innovation in raising finance and levering value from real estate asset portfolios
  • Establishing partnerships that harness the resources, skills and expertise of both the public and private sector to deliver investment and efficiency

Arriving at a balanced approach between asset efficiency/value realisation, and investment and development in new capital assets, while maintaining excellent services is a significant challenge, often under close scrutiny from regulators and citizens alike.

Our real estates and assets team combines an in-depth understanding of public sector finance and funding with expertise in the delivery and financing of major capital assets and regeneration programmes. These services include:

The commitment and creative thinking of our team adds significant value for our clients as we work alongside them, supplementing our clients' internal knowledge and experience with the required capacity and external challenge to ensure the best programme outcome. Our team works across the public and private sectors, and has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation through being engaged in a number of market leading projects and transactions in this field.

Examples of the projects we have provided lead financial advice on are: 

  • Area-wide estate regeneration projects for London Borough of Southwark, Greater London Authority and Sheffield City Council
  • A long-term strategic property partnership (LABV) for the regeneration of Bournemouth
  • The structuring of, and disposal to, a joint venture vehicle for a local authority's commercial and retail portfolio
  • Structuring a local housing company vehicle for a number of local authorities to deliver housing growth targets. 
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