Vijay Rathour Partner, Head of the Digital Forensics Group London +44 (0)20 7184 4684

I am a Partner with the Forensic and Investigations practice, leading the Digital Forensics Group. Prior to joining Grant Thornton, I was a solicitor with over ten years of experience working in a range of legal fields including Corporate and Transactional work, Personal Injury and Negligence, and Corporate Litigation.

Throughout my career I have been engaged on many high profile disputes and investigations across a range of industries, specialising in the financial sector. In my role as a lawyer within the Enforcement and Financial Crime Division of the FSA, I advised on regulatory actions and assisted in establishing enforcement strategy for the financial markets.

I specialise in the fields of cybercrime, cyber-security, incident response and data breaches, and have managed some of the UK’s most high-profile Digital Forensic investigations.

My experience includes:

  • managing the Hillsborough Inquest document platform (pro bono), responding to multiple regulatory enquiries related to LIBOR manipulation, and conducting and consulting on multiple insider dealing and systems and control failings investigations.
  • assisting the Courts of England and Wales in re-drafting the Civil Procedure Rules on Electronic Data and Disclosure.
  • consulted on and created digital forensic approaches to the rebuttal of Regulatory allegations of data leaks from hardware and software devices including mobile phones.

Additionally, I am a regular public speaker and enjoy participating in animated discussions on the risks, challenges and opportunities presented by technologies. I’m an avid technology enthusiast and passionate about the opportunities of the digital age!