Carmel King Associate Director London +44 (0)20 7865 2359

As part of the Fraud insolvency division (FInD) I have ten years’ experience in the field of fraud investigations, contentious insolvency, asset tracing and recovery. I have significant experience of complex contentious insolvency appointments, as well as the investigation of corruption and the misappropriation of assets across different jurisdictions.

I focus on cases which involve the investigation of fraud or corruption, asset tracing, and the gathering of evidence used for the most part in civil litigation for the purpose of recovering misappropriated funds and assets.

My experience includes working both in the public and private sectors, having taken instruction from government departments and local authorities in the UK, non-UK governments, and international companies.

I have been involved in the following assignments: 

  • a confidential investigation on behalf of Middle Eastern bank regarding the loss of its $90 million investment in Turkish real estate assets.
  • an investigation into a high-profile £176m fraud on HM Revenue & Customs involving thirty companies in the UK and others in the Middle East and Asia.
  • the investigation of corruption and misappropriation of assets for an overseas government, including the determination of the loss incurred.
  • a court appointment on the application of a state prosecutor involving asset recoveries relating to a high-profile corporate embezzlement case.
  • FCCA
  • Member, INSOL Europe
  • BA (Hons)
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