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Code of conduct

Everything we do starts and ends with us…

 …our collective energy, commitment and intelligence. We’re a firm with a unique culture and brand who do things differently, yet what really distinguishes Grant Thornton is our people.

I believe in all of our people, trusting each and every one of you to live our values, make choices and do what you believe to be the right thing by our firm. After all, as a shared enterprise, it’s in all our best interests to share ideas and share responsibility in order to share the reward.

Sharing responsibility is about making a commitment to each other and understanding the consequences of falling short on this. This code of conduct forms a large part of that commitment, providing clarity on what’s expected of us as Grant Thornton people and as a firm. While it can’t govern every possible situation – it’s a key part of our wider stewardship, governance and risk management culture.

The code also provides guidance on where to get support when you have a concern or if you simply need some advice. Please use it to guide you through life with Grant Thornton, remembering that it’s not a substitute for our individual and collective responsibility to exercise professionalism and good judgment every day.


David Dunckley

Code of conduct

Sharing responsibility: our code of conduct

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