Family wealth inevitably brings complexities around conflicting objectives, protection of assets and increasingly, international diversification.

We understand you need agile and expert advisers, with time to invest and the trustworthiness to guide you.

We spend as much time as is needed with our clients to fully understand the challenges facing them, their families and their businesses. Our specialist team bring a breadth and depth of tax knowledge along with comprehensive experience working with ultra-high net worth families, accessing the best of our specialist service steams when needed.

  • A dedicated team
  • A supportive relationship
  • A strong network
  • A dedicated team
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    Our knowledge goes beyond that of a traditional adviser. You only need to deal with one team, not a host of specialists.
  • A supportive relationship
    A supportive relationship
    Our relationship with you is key. We will never ‘sell’ ideas to you but support you with bespoke planning and structures.
  • A strong network
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    We have a network of like-minded professionals, including lawyers, investment advisers, bankers, or family office functions.

Why Grant Thornton

Each of your situations is very different, and this is why we to take a bespoke approach to every client relationship. We are here to listen and help you solve key challenges, with a focus on navigating those challenges in a tax efficient way.

You might be buying or selling a business or property, thinking of moving in or out of the UK, transitioning family wealth or control to the next generation, or simply looking to ensure a complex investment arrangement is tax compliant. All these things we can help with, and much more.

Our team is committed to finding robust solutions to difficult questions, helping you navigate uncertainty and seeking efficiencies in an often rapidly evolving environment.

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