Protect your wealth with a team of specialist trust and estate planning advisers that works for you, your family and your business.

As a trustee or estate planner, you face ever-increasing and changing regulatory, tax and compliance obligations. Events in the trust’s life cycle need to be dealt with in an efficient way and you need to be confident that your decisions are right for you now and in the future.

Our priority is to empower you in this. We bring decades of experiences to trust and estate planning, and robust solutions no matter how complex the challenge.

  • Trust accounts and self-assessment
  • Inheritance tax solutions
  • Trustee meetings and advice
  • Trust accounts and self-assessment
    Trust accounts and self-assessment
    Detailed trust accounts, tax forecasts and extensive specialist support that flexes to your needs.
  • Inheritance tax solutions
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    Planning around key events such as tax implications of distributions, 10-year anniversary charges or amendments to trust terms.
  • Trustee meetings and advice
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    Bringing trusted tax advice to annual trustee meetings, and professional meeting and chair support for lay trustees.

Why Grant Thornton

Every business, family and individual is different. We take the time to understand the unique ways in which you operate. Our dedicated trusts and estates team brings in-depth knowledge to every conversation we have with you.

You’ll have access to a range of specialist advisers within our UK and global network to ensure you receive the strategic advice you need to efficiently manage the trust’s tax affairs.

The role we play will flex to your needs and solutions will be tailored to your goals.

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