You can rely on our matrimonial experts who are experienced in providing evidence in court, providing robust valuations advice, realising value and understanding accounts.

Whether pre- or post-marriage, we support you in matrimonial financial matters from financial proceedings to valuations and tax.

You need a service that meets court requirements, advises on settlements and, where possible, can find common ground with other experts to contain costs.

Our experience and membership of Resolution – the largest membership organisation for family justice professionals in England and Wales – ensures a constructive and cost-effective approach to family issues.

  • In-court experience
  • High-profile valuations team
  • Trusted tax advice
  • In-court experience
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    Experience of acting as party expert, single joint expert, shadow expert and adviser in financial proceedings.
  • High-profile valuations team
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    Frequently instructed for business and share valuations – a significant part of any financial assets considered in divorce proceedings.
  • Trusted tax advice
    Trusted tax advice
    Our dedicated tax team provides expert tax witness services for taxation issues that arise on a financial settlement.

Why Grant Thornton

We understand that matrimonial issues can be complex and sensitive. Whatever your situation, we personalise our approach to instil trust and confidence. You can be sure of our discretion and of practical guidance to reach positive solutions.

Services that can support you include: asset tracing and recovery, corporate intelligence, cyber and digital forensic practices.

Our teams also undertake the most complex global investigations, drawing on an international network that spans 140 countries.