Build trust and confidence with regulators and stakeholders. As a leading UK auditor for over 30 years, we can provide unparalleled insights into the risks, challenges and opportunities that you face.

Public sector bodies need assurance. You need to know that your organisation is delivering value for money, maximising physical assets and spending budgets wisely. You need to maintain financial resilience and get early warnings of issues. And you need to lead and manage change through pressured and uncertain times. We provide independent assurance across the range of public sector bodies, including local authorities and NHS, to assess your risks and processes so you can build this trust.

Public sector audit and assurance

Counter fraud

Solutions that help you manage and tackle internal and external fraud, bribery or corruption in the public sector.

Grant assurance services

Grant audits for organisations across the public, not for profit, and commercial sectors.

Public sector value for money (VfM) assurance

We understand the challenges you face and are passionate about protecting public services and adding value.

Mark Stocks
Head of Public Healthcare
Mark Stocks

Why Grant Thornton

Our experienced auditors provide assurance on your organisation’s financial stewardship, accounting, value for money (VfM) and governance arrangements. We understand your challenges, not just funding pressures but also recruitment and retention issues, cyber security threats, and implementing significant government policy agendas. When it comes to our statutory duties for reporting on public accountability and stewardship, we are known for our independence, informed challenge and intervention.