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I'm a solutions-driven consultant powered by a proven record of success over 14 years in data and regtech implementation and assurance. I have experience across industry best practices and implementing Agile/Waterfall methodologies to define business requirements and systems goals through partnership with decision-makers, systems owners, and end-users.

I collaborate with teams responsible for developing, testing, and deploying enhancements to systems and business processes, ensuring alignment with the signed-off requirements.

I've worked with clients from various industries, including healthcare, finance, and technology.

My services include training, coaching, and mentorship to client stakeholders to support them through the process of adopting new systems and specific releases to deliver transformational change in a range of areas, including complex projects, data analysis/management, and programmes.

Expertise in project management and software delivery allows me to drive forward complex projects, while providing valuable insights and recommendations to clients.

Outside of work, I love golf, and try and play as much as possible if time and the Scottish weather permits.

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Martin Trotter
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Data, RegTech and Digital Manager
Martin Trotter
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