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With more than 15 years working with the firm, I have worked in a variety of departments giving me a breadth of experience that I regularly share with clients to help them develop their businesses.

Most of this time has been spent working with a variety of clients, typically dynamic, fast paced businesses often listed or PE backed and frequently with international operations.

Secondments to our ethics department and technical team means that I have the knowledge and capability to deal with technical issues and lead quality audits to the standard expected of our clients and demanded by their stakeholders.

Earlier in my career, I led a transformation project, bringing together numerous projects to set up new offices to deliver a new service to our teams. During this time, I encountered many of the responsibilities and challenges faced by the finance teams that I work with on a day to day basis.

When not sharing my experience to add value to my clients I can be found walking, trying to read more, or in the garden!


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Madeleine Malenczuk
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Madeleine Malenczuk
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