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Charlotte Devlin

I work with our clients to help them understand their cyber security posture and any gaps or weaknesses in their people, processes and technology. I develop remediation plans, cyber security programmes and roadmaps that implement prioritised improvements and monitoring that tracks progress over time.

The projects that I lead are varied in their size and scope. They range from one-off cyber assessments through to the design and delivery of multi-component programmes. My clients span different industries from the UK’s public sector through to international hospitality businesses. 

I enjoy the variety both in the type of work I do and the clients that I work with. I am particularly interested in the intersection of cyber security and data protection and the application of data privacy laws and regulations to businesses. I regularly work with my clients to identify where their key information assets are located and the security wrapped around these. As the saying goes, ‘’if you don’t know where your data is, you can’t protect it’’.

I also have the perspective of a broad business background, having previously worked in the legal sector and in consultancy with a strategic focus. I bring this experience to my work with clients – connecting the dots across different parts of the organisation, supporting senior level conversations and deploying a commercial and pragmatic approach to problem solving.

It’s really important to me to work collaboratively both with my clients and my colleagues. I believe that the best and most sustained results are only possible when everyone is invested in the same outcome. I spend time getting to really understand my clients – their strategy, objectives and culture, so that my recommendations fit with their direction of travel and cyber security becomes an enabler for the business.

When I am not at work I enjoy spending time trying to garden, catching up with friends and family, enjoying London where I live, and travelling with my husband, Stephen.

  • BA, History
  • Graduate Diploma in Commerce
  • LLB (Law degree)
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Charlotte Devlin
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