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Grant Thornton launches inclusive, flexible approach to public holidays

Starting in January 2022, leading business and financial adviser Grant Thornton UK LLP will launch a new, more inclusive approach to public holidays. The firm will offer employees the choice to take public holiday leave on the dates that are most meaningful to them, rather than on the fixed bank holiday dates.

Offered in addition to their contractual holiday allowance, the new policy will allow Grant Thornton employees to choose alternative dates to take their public holiday allowance (usually 8-10 days per year depending on where they live in the UK).

Perry Burton, Head of People and Culture at Grant Thornton UK LLP, said:

“Flexibility and agility have always been at the centre of the way we work at Grant Thornton but working remotely throughout the pandemic, and the heightened experience of balancing of personal and professional responsibilities, has shown us the way to make changes that will support our people in the new, flexible, hybrid working world of the future.

“At Grant Thornton we value and respect difference. We want to support our people celebrating the holidays and observances that are central to their religion, ethnicity, cultural heritage or other parts of their identity. This more inclusive approach to public holidays will allow our people to use their holiday in way that is most meaningful to them, whether that’s having a day of holiday to celebrate Eid rather than Easter, or a day off during PRIDE month.”