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Represents 30% of all media across 80 markets

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GroupM was looking to further invest in its UK media specialists – amplifying data proficiency and maximising data-led decisions for clients.

Using our expertise in developing future skills and data acceleration, we supported GroupM to build its first-ever data academy to offer this unique learning opportunity.

The challenge

The strategic application of data to drive key business decisions is imperative to GroupM’s clients, business and the wider advertising industry.

But improving data acceleration skills for client-facing employees is no easy task. They needed a solution that would enable their experts to gain both differentiated insights and time efficiencies.

“The strategic application of data to drive key business decisions is imperative to our clients, our business and to the wider advertising industry. I'm delighted we can offer this opportunity as our latest step in uniting this community of experts through shared knowledge, capabilities and training opportunities.”

Niel Bornman, GroupM Nexus EMEA CEO and Chief Products and Services Officer, GroupM UK

The solution

Our Data Citizen programme, co-designed with education specialists BPP, has been the foundation of the new data academy.

The programme focuses on the practical application of new technologies and analytical thinking, alongside the commercial and people skills necessary to apply them. The cohort learns about data analytics, its importance to businesses, industry trends and how to deliver a data-driven narrative, as well as a suite of tools and services to harness data in critical decision making.

While upskilling its employees in core data skills, GroupM has been able to do this at no extra cost by using the Apprenticeship Levy.

“Data skills are in high demand and organisations continue to build their in-house expertise to ensure they understand data and can use it effectively. This programme not only provides essential data literacy and analytic skills, but our affiliated partnership supports the commercial and people skills needed to apply them in the real world”

Adil Hafidi, Associate Director, People Advisory

The result

The first cohort for the data academy with 25 learners has successfully launched. Plans for future cohorts are underway, with a view to potentially opening up to the wider WPP group during 2023.

Listening to GroupM and understanding their needs meant approaching standard skills training in a new way. By rethinking the idea of a data academy and tailoring it to meet GroupM’s specific challenges, we were not only able to support employees in their work but also provide an agile foundation for how to build new, more sustainable data skills in the organisation.

About our team

With over £3.3 billion of the Apprenticeship Levy unused in the last three years, we're on a mission to support you to use the levy to your advantage. You can call on our range of apprenticeship programmes in leadership and management, accountancy, data and coaching – all co-designed and co-delivered with a select group of training providers. We bring you a unique offering: a combination of high quality training and extensive real-world business expertise. Our programmes are designed to provide some of the most sought-after skills that can be implemented to make real business impact.

Adil Hafidi

Adil Hafidi