A-Z of cyber security part one: from assurance to Grant Thornton

We highlight some revealing statistics around cyber attacks and identify common cyber risks shared by companies.

Rebuilding trust: the IIA internal audit code of practice

The new IIA internal audit code of practice holds audit to higher standards. Find out how to meet this challenge.

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Leaders are faced with a variety of strategic, financial, operational, regulatory and technological risks to their business. Managing these risks effectively helps to support delivery of your organisation's strategic objectives.

Maximising opportunities and minimising risk

We will help you to identify and manage your risks, realise opportunities and improve your business performance. We provide you with assurance on your operations, suppliers, major projects and transformation programmes.

Our team will support you to connect risk to the strategic objectives of your business, as well as your day-to-day operations, providing complete risk management across the most important aspects of your business.

We have experience with companies across a wide range of industries and not-for-profit organisations. We understand the different pressures these organisations face.