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Essex presents a unique opportunity for businesses looking to expand in the UK and overseas. Sharing its borders with the hubs of London and Cambridgeshire, the county benefits from a high-quality talent pool and unrivalled global connectivity including four international ports and two airports.

Our local team is proud to be on-the-ground, supporting businesses in and around Essex and Suffolk. We are passionate about our role in the local community, as well as internationally, providing you with quality advice across our assurance, tax and advisory services.

Our Chelmsford-based team works closely with regional, national and international colleagues. This means you benefit from supportive local relationships, with global expertise introduced at the right time.

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Hello Suffolk and Essex!

Our team have been reaching out to local business leaders to discover their plans and ambitions for the coming year.

From what's keeping CEOs up at night to where finance teams are looking to invest, we've put together all the business trends in the local area to give you the complete picture.

Uncover the trends in Suffolk and connect with other local businesses

Uncover the trends in Essex and connect with other local businesses

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