Regulators, shareholders, and boards are focused on how financial services firms acquire, manage, and derive value from data.

You need the right data and a strong framework to support compliance, improve performance, and achieve strategic goals.

Why Grant Thornton

You'll work with a team authorised by the enterprise data management (EDM) council to undertake data management capability assessment model (DCAM) reviews.

We're assisting clients with six critical aspects of data – covering the full data lifecycle and considerations for senior executives working with it.

Data capability journey

Data capability for offence involves establishing the data foundation blocks (Chief Data Office 1.0): data management, governance, quality, lineage, strategy, and architecture. Next level of maturity is through data analytics, visualisation, data literacy, and a heavy focus on automation. Monetising data involves consideration of ML and AI, robust use cases, data platforms and partnerships involving big data, external data, and data signals.

Building an ESG data platform for financial services

The challenge
A leading asset manager engaged us to help them in their ESG data management journey. This engagement covered several areas, including building an ESG data strategy, improving ESG data quality, and developing a minimum viable product (MVP) for an ESG data and analytics tool. The key objective was for the firm to understand its portfolios ESG ratings, and identify the underlying assets that influence those portfolios.
The solution
To meet both internal and external needs of the asset manager, we developed a solution – the ESG data and analytics screener, which provides the foundations for a scalable, future-proof platform. This platform is an ‘idea-generation’ tool for developing ESG products and delivering agile analytics​.
The outcome
This solution synchronised key workstreams - including the ESG data strategy, work on ESG book of records (EBOR), as well as the target-operating model.
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