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The CEO room - Delivering results whatever the weather

Making room for change

Uncertainty increases the pressure on leaders to spend their time ‘in’ the business, addressing the day-to-day activities that drive today’s performance and results. However, this makes it difficult to find sufficient headroom to spend time ‘on’ the business, considering how best to drive sustainable change and a significant step forward in valuation, whatever the prevailing business and market conditions are.

Sustaining and growing value comes from making the right strategic choices and then aligning the business model operational performance, stakeholder requirements and risk management to those choices. Spending some time ‘on’ the business considering these components of value creation is as important in the medium term as spending time ‘in’ the business driving day-to-day performance.

Uncertainty demands a focused and creative response on what matters most to you. That’s why we’ve developed The CEO Room.

A critical thinking space

The CEO Room is a dedicated, stimulating and interactive space for a one-to-one discussion where you will be able to work on the key strategic, financial and leadership issues for your business, free from the distractions of day-to-day operational demands.

The CEO Room will help you think clearly not only about your immediate issues but also your ambitions and objectives, and to stress test existing strategies.

You will be challenged on existing and established thinking to help unlock valuable insights, consider critical strategic issues and identify solutions that will help to achieve sustainable profit growth.

To facilitate free thinking, a CEO Room discussion is free of charge.

When to use The CEO Room

We have designed The CEO Room to help business leaders faced with both the opportunities and the challenges of responding rapidly to change. Some common triggers are:

  • A change of leadership or owners
  • A period of significant market and/or regulatory change
  • Significant historical and/or potential growth
  • Integration of acquired businesses
  • Preparation for the sale of your business
  • Tough trading and a restructuring
  • A crisis of reputation

A focused agenda

During a CEO Room session you will be guided through four core areas:

1 Setting a worthwhile and engaging statement of where the business could be in three to five years
2 A view of the market, the competition and whether a common set of assumptions for the future are shared by both the business and its stakeholders
3 What levers could be pulled to deliver an increase in enterprise value
4 The importance of leadership and delivering change

- James Rolfe
Director of Finance
Enfield Council

For further details or to book a workshop, please email us