Uncover key insights from our latest CFO Forum, where over 100 CFOs and FDs came together to discuss their experiences of driving change in their organisations – from navigating dissenting opinions to overcoming change fatigue.

Catch up on the CFO panel

We were fortunate to be joined by three experienced finance leaders who have led on a wide range of changes initiatives successfully: Head of Global Business Services at Burberry Rob Blomfield, CFO at Peter Vardy Group Claire Maith, and Global CFO at Dentons Global Advisors Susan Feilding.

Catch up on the panel session to hear about their experiences and their top tips for other finance leaders looking to support on or drive change programmes.


Key takeaways from the panellists

Susan Feilding, Global CFO, Dentons Global Advisors
Susan Feilding, Global CFO, Dentons Global Advisors
As a new team, we’re acknowledging the discomfort that comes with change without an agenda or solution. We have regular meetings that provide an opportunity to talk it through any concerns openly – and if people are excited, you can use that momentum as well.
Claire Maith, CFO, Peter Vardy Group
Claire Maith, CFO, Peter Vardy Group
We need to work at speed on our change management programmes, but we also make sure we have rigorous controls in place. To be able to do that, we have a project management team in place for every change initiative. It’s important that they embrace change and can work at pace, so I can quickly share the key financial risks with the CEO and Board - which is one reason I always say don't be afraid to recruit people who are better than you!
Robert Blomfield, Head of Global Business Services, Burberry
Robert Blomfield, Head of Global Business Services, Burberry
You can't take everybody with you all the time. Accept that you are going to have dissenters, be those employees or stakeholders, and be open to those questions and challenges. You can then lean into those stakeholders or those conversations in a more open and authentic way. I think that’s what's required from a leader in a change situation.

How a Transformation Room workshop can help you manage change effectively


What actions can you take?

Head of Transformation Carolyn Hicks shares guidance on overcoming common roadblocks faced by finance leaders looking to drive transformation in their organisations.

Watch the recording for key insight on:

  • the role of emotional intelligence in change management 
  • how to involve your people in decisions related to change 
  • recognising and leveraging your people’s intrinsic motivations  
  • the three ‘C’s of combatting change fatigue.


Carolyn Hicks , Head of Business Transformation
Change introduces uncertainty. Becoming comfortable with ambiguity is a really key place to get to. That applies to your team, but also you as a leader.


Key takeaways from attendees

  • “Sometimes we get caught up in the clear benefits to the business and forget to factor in the human element of ‘what’s in it for me?’ that our teams are naturally thinking about. Everyone has their own intrinsic motivations, and tapping into those will help get people on your side.” 
  • “I've found it important to remember not only to communicate with people at the point of starting to implement change, but throughout. Particularly by celebrating successes and directly relating that back to people. This has improved morale and proves that the initiative has worked, making it easier to implement future change.”
  • "We need to build a clear roadmap and focus on one thing at a time. We've tried to do much at once, leading to change paralysis and nothing moving forwards."
  • “We're aiming to get a significant percentage of the finance team specialist change training, regardless of how senior or junior they are. Working on change programmes effectively requires a lot of skills that aren't used day-to-day, and that aren't taught in accountancy exams, so we can't expect people to be perfect at it with no training." 
  • “Involving people in decisions related to change is crucial. While it's not feasible to involve everyone all the time, creating diverse working groups representing different teams and perspectives can lead to better, pragmatic decisions.”


How can a Transformation Room support you?

As many event attendees shared with us, there has never been greater pressure on finance leaders to react quickly to change.

To help you act effectively and with agility, the transformation room half-day virtual workshop led by our experts provides:

  • an independent analysis of your plans that complements your own knowledge and understanding
  • challenging and critical input to help refine and shape your thinking, based on our extensive experience of seeing success and failures
  • deep insight and subject area expertise, capable of identifying which businesses are going to succeed and which are more likely to fail.

The virtual workshops are facilitated by cutting edge collaboration technology: Miro.

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