In the current circumstances many businesses and organisations are reconsidering their goals and strategy. Carolyn Hicks explains how the Transformation Room helps businesses realise their ambitions for change, growth and success.

There has probably, certainly in our lifetime, never been greater pressure on business to react quickly to change; and in the coming months, this looks set to continue.

In response to these unprecedented demands on leaders, we launched the Transformation Room.

In the Transformation Room you can work through questions that guide the process of business transformation, putting you in a better position to manage change and accelerate success.

What is the Transformation Room?

In these half-day virtual workshops our transformation experts share personalised guidance in areas where many businesses need support: strategy; business planning; operating model; cost base rationalisation, and programme and change management. The virtual workshops are facilitated by cutting edge collaboration technology: Miro.

How does the Transformation Room help businesses realise their ambitions?

In the Transformation Room you can:

  • Explore where you are now, and where you want to go
  • Clarify your ambitions, and how you can achieve them
  • Identify ways to overcome blockers and manage your priorities

The workshops are a deep dive into business transformation training, where you get the benefit of our insight on business and markets to examine your organisational strategy and plans for growth.

We will test your answers against our knowledge of markets, performance, emerging and future developments, and explain the tools you can use to drive and enable change.

Who benefits from the Transformation Room?

The Transformation Room is relevant to any organisation or business operating in a constantly changing world.

It can help support anyone working to steer their business and improve performance: including C-Suite, management or executive boards, as well as wider leadership teams.

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"The Transformation Room helped us get aligned around what we were doing and critically, why, and how we would get there. We got real value out of this based on the discussion and insights shared alongside the challenge we received on some of our thinking. We came out of with a new outlook on our ambitions and a blueprint which I believe has set us up in the best possible way to start move forward with our plans and towards the outcomes we want.’’

CEO, global manufacturing business

What support do you get in the Transformation Room?

In the Transformation Room, the conversation is led by you. Our support and guidance comes from asking questions that help you understand the specific steps you need to take in your business transformation process:

  • How will your strategies and plans evolve in the current circumstances?
  • How agile and dynamic are your operations?
  • Where are you working: in the office, at home, or 'hybrid?'
  • How future fit is your business?
  • Do you know how you really compare against your competitors?
  • Do you know what is really driving or suppressing the value of your business?
  • Is your cost base too high?
  • Is your growth trajectory sluggish or static?
  • How well are you currently managing change or transformation?

What will you experience in the Transformation Room?

Transformations fail because leaders are not clear on the fundamentals of the ‘why', 'what', 'how', 'who' and 'when’ of the process. Our business transformation training helps you identify your priorities and how you can add value to your plans. In the Transformation Room you experience:

  • An independent analysis of your plans that complements your own knowledge and understanding
  • Challenging and critical input to help refine and shape your thinking, based on our own experience of seeing success and failures
  • Deep insight and subject area expertise, capable of identifying which businesses are going to succeed and which are more likely to fail

What will you achieve in the Transformation Room?

In addition to personalised recommendations incorporating our insights and recommendations, you can expect to achieve the following:

  • Clarity and greater focus on your priorities for next steps
  • Alignment and commitment on the objectives and your outcomes for success
  • A solid foundation for delivering these objectives
  • Increased momentum for your plans and optimism for actioning success
  • Strategies for overcoming cultural and behavioural barriers to change

To find out more about the Transformation Room contact Carolyn Hicks.