Improving your financial and operational processes will help address inefficiencies that may be holding your business back. A process optimisation review can help you get back on competitive track.

Are your core business processes affecting operational efficiency and delivery? Do you have the controls embedded to ensure business protection? Are you confident your data meets your critical reporting requirements? Does your tech best suit your processes?

We’ll help you identify your particular pain points and provide practical steps you can take to improve them. We’ll guide you every step of the way, including implementation, to help you become a more resilient and future-fit organisation

  • Experience and expertise
  • End-to-end support
  • Proven framework
  • Experience and expertise
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    Our experience in finance, operations, data, technology, people and industry is complemented by specialist expertise where you need it.
  • End-to-end support
    End-to-end support
    We get to know your business and are there for you –from identifying the issue to delivering results that cater to your requirements.
  • Proven framework
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    We structure our assessment and insights through proven frameworks so you know exactly what improvement activities to take.
Simon Davidson
Head of Finance Consulting, Grant Thornton
Simon Davidson

Why Grant Thornton

We work closely with you, getting to know your business before offering the kind of dynamic insights that can shape its future.

We don’t shy away from challenge. You’ll likely already know your ‘pain points’ but our process assessments will go deeper to identify the granular-level issues and root causes.

We’ll highlight where different types of automation may suit best.

And we’ll map out and prioritise your tasks so you can take action knowing you have everything covered and in the right order.

Process mapping and automation

The challenge
Our client was growing rapidly. Processes weren’t documented, making onboarding new staff difficult. Largely manual processes were inefficient and created a high number of errors.
The solution
We helped document, assess, automate and re-document core business processes. Initial documentation helped improve resilience, ease onboarding and prioritise automation efforts.
The results
Low-cost tools automated much of the heavy-lifting, freeing up time and reducing errors. Processes became more scalable and efficient, and controls more effective, as a result.

How process optimisation supports you as a business

The first step is to collaboratively identify and classify the known issues in your organisation’s processes so that we can propose prioritised solutions quickly. That includes highlighting different types of automation – from adjusting your finance system or enterprise resource planning (ERP) further, to the use of robotic process automation (RPA), leveraging low-code solutions, or using your existing technology more extensively.

Deep-dive process assessments can identify further issues and pain points, and their root causes. Mapping out the tasks undertaken within each process will let you see the highest risk and most problematic areas that need to be approached first – together with suggested remediation actions. We can also collate the risk and control matrices (RACM) or the responsibility assignment matrices (RACI) to ensure you have clear documentation of how your processes work and who is responsible for each task.

Having worked with organisations of every size and complexity on over 1,000 change and transformation projects, we understand the challenges you face now. We can provide an independent view of these issues, and recommend key areas of focus in formulating your short-, medium- and long-term improvement roadmap.

We can also support with implementing the proposed fixes using the right blend of process design, communication method, analytics (eg, Power BI) and automation (eg, KNIME), or other approaches as appropriate.

Some process optimisation examples we've undertaken for clients:

  • Advising the sales, inventory and operations planning process for a global manufacturing firm
  • Helping multiple businesses to design, document and embed better financial processes in place before listing on various stock exchanges
  • Transforming and automating manual Excel-based reconciliation processes for an online retailer using KNIME to free up the finance team’s time and reduce manual errors
  • Driving the tax automation process for a global packaging business
  • Improving the automation process for accounts receivable and accounts payable for a global law firm to enhance efficiency and working capital management
Press release

Grant Thornton collaborates with KNIME to enhance analytics and data science offering

Business and financial adviser Grant Thornton UK LLP has today announced a collaboration with KNIME, a leading data science company, as part of the firm’s strategic priority to invest in technology and digital. The collaboration will support both the firm and its clients in improving and automating the way data is analysed.