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Summer economic update: the impact on UK real estate

Matt Maltz Matt Maltz

The summer economic update announced by Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, outlined plans and initiatives to bolster the UK’s economic recovery and mitigate financial challenges for both businesses and individuals, in the hope of navigating what could be the largest recession the UK has experienced.

Watch our webinar where we explored the effectiveness of the measures proposed and their impact on the UK Real Estate sector. During the webinar we addressed:

  • how the measures will influence investment in residential property and encourage homeownership
  • the evolving working habits and employee culture changing the demand and future use for commercial office real estate
  • prices of residential real estate outside of city locations as demand for home-working changes permanently.

What does the chancellor's summer statement mean for the real estate industry? We cover the points that matter to you >>

To discuss any of the issues in more detail please get in touch with Matt Maltz.

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