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I assist companies in accessing government funding. I have over a decade’s experience and have worked across multiple sectors, including retail. My key role is to help claimant companies optimise their return on investment in innovation.

My career has been based in both the UK and Australia where I worked in government programs and policy. I have a great interest and insight into how different governments rewards research and development activities.

I work with most industries, from manufacturing, retail, food and beverage, financial services, and pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

The highlight of any working week is either introducing R&D tax to a client who has never made a claim and helping them with that process or helping a client optimise their claim. We do that by either increasing the cash credit they receive or by making the process much easier.

I have recently adopted a springer spaniel puppy, so running around after her has kept me very busy the past few weeks. She’s rapidly becoming the team mascot and is present on many team calls.

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Lindsey Copland
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Lindsey Copland
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