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I have more than 15 years’ experience in business taxation, including over 10 years specialising in restructuring. I provide tax advice to corporates, lenders, funds and insolvency practitioners on the tax implications of transactions involving insolvency, corporate reorganisation or debt restructuring.

This includes projects involving companies in severe financial distress where it is likely that an insolvency practitioner will be appointed, group or debt simplification projects either in anticipation of an exit or as part of a strategic review, and buy or sell-side structuring advice on underperforming businesses.  

Working in restructuring allows me to work with a plethora of different businesses, and make a real difference to peoples lives and livelihoods. As an experienced tax practitioner, I am aware of the many different ways in which our complex tax code can affect businesses, but these must always be considered in the context of the commercial situation faced by a business experiencing financial distress.

Similarly, when a group is undertaking a simplification project, it is important to understand the ultimate aims of the various stakeholders, to ensure that any solution delivered, whilst technically correct, also fulfils the needs of the business instructing the project.

Alongside developing my team through the delivery of great client work, seeing a project through from start to finish, and building a lasting relationship with the client throughout that process, brings me my greatest satisfaction at work.  

Outside of work I enjoy running, photography and spending time with my wife and daughters. 

  • CTA (Chartered Tax Adviser)
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