Whether you're a new or established business our extensive experience and vast network will get you ahead. We provide practical solutions to optimise your operations in the UK or China.

Navigating the Chinese market can be daunting. Regulations can be complex, cultural and language barriers can require new ways of working. But, with these challenges comes huge opportunity. The UK offers Chinese companies a stronghold from which to grow their operations into Europe and beyond.

With 15 years of expertise in the China-UK corridor, our team supports UK businesses in navigating the intricate Chinese market and assists Chinese companies in expanding and maturing in  Western markets.

  • Extensive network access
  • Informed local guidance
  • Breadth of expertise
  • Extensive network access
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    Our network is your network. With offices across China and the UK, we have access to intermediaries, banks and investors.
  • Informed local guidance
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    By getting to know you personally, we offer tailored insights into local business culture and ways of operating.
  • Breadth of expertise
    Breadth of expertise
    Whether you need to restructure, optimise your operations, or want to start something new - we provide practical, personalised support.
Simon Bevan
Head of China Britain Services Group
Simon Bevan

Why Grant Thornton?

We've witnessed China's shift from a manufacturing powerhouse to a consumer-driven economy. With our extensive experience in the UK and Chinese market, we apply these insights to assist you in navigating the challenges that new and established businesses encounter in a swiftly evolving market. 

Setting your strategy

We can help you: 

  • evaluate new markets and opportunities, and select the best commercial models for seizing them
  • plan and implement strategic transactions, including mergers, bolt-on acquisitions and disposals
  • provide valuations and due diligence to support board decisions on organic growth, acquisition and joint-venture opportunities
  • support new market entry with on-the-ground assistance
  • structure your business in China effectively and efficiently
  • set an employment strategy that ensures the right people are in the right roles and rewards are at the right level.
Protecting your wealth

To ensure a return on investment, it's important to plan how you'll maximise and protect the money you earn from China. We can: 

  • provide strategies to manage your position and help you ensure the flow of funds
  • advise you on cash extraction and repatriating your money to the UK
  • help get cash and profits out of China and reduce tax leakage, including supporting you with administration.
Managing your risk

Getting risk management wrong in China could damage your business and result in criminal prosecution. You'll work with a team that has considerable expertise in the complex business cultures of China and Hong Kong. We’ll help to: 

  • ensure your regulatory tax compliance and respond to investigations by regulators; we can also connect you to our local tax experts in Grant Thornton China and UK
  • mitigate the risk of fraud, bribery and corruption
  • implement control environments to manage the commercial and financial risks of operating overseas
  • provide insightful, value-added audits to reassure your stakeholders.
Optimising your operations

Streamlining your processes and behaviours will help you get more from less and realise your ambitions efficiently. We’ll support you to:

  • plan your overseas tax structures and transfer-pricing policies
  • improve working capital management through process improvement and innovative tax planning
  • identify opportunities for direct cost savings
  • optimise the efficiency of your finance function.
Practical solutions for special situations

Our support can help you navigate with sensitivity when you are in difficult or distressed financial situations and provide a range of solutions that support you when and where you need it most.